Carpet offers some of the most impressive benefits in the flooring industry. With unrivaled underfoot comfort and a wealth of stunning visuals, you’ll see remarkable results with these carpet floorings. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions for your consideration.

Yes, we proudly accomplish on entire in-house production from weaving Handloom productions, Pitloom productions, Table Tuft productions, Hand Tufted Production, Inhouse printing to In-house finishing process (latexing, stretching and binding) and packaging process. We take utmost care in maintaining the high quality of our products.

Our mission is to make sustainable, comfortable, eco friendly safe rugs without harming the earth. Our main pillars of sustainability is: People, process, product, community & environment

Polyester is naturally resistant to stains, with stunning colors, but they are best suited for low to medium-traffic spaces. It is not as strong or durable under heavy traffic. However, you can easily take advantage of carpets with added stain and odor protection for the best stain protection, and some are manufactured explicitly for pet owners.

Shedding is common with new carpeting as pieces of sheared yarn may still be attached to the material. Frequent vacuuming will care for the problem, which should persist for a few days.

The answer to carpet lifespan varies, depending on the materials and added benefits you choose. For example, a budget flooring with no added extras could last three to ten years. However, a high-quality product with built-in stain protection could last as long as 20 years, primarily if regularly

Please visit the Rug Guide section of our website to learn how you can extend the life and beauty of your Mabood International’s rug.

A Custom rug

We have our own separate and specialized team of designers and production who are maintaining customized rug in Hand tufted, Handloom rug and Handwoven quality. To provide better service to our clients we have installed large sizes handloom and pitloom within our premises to meet our customer’s requirement of over sized rug