Our Rug Company


MABOOD INTERNATIONAL is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of Handmade carpets, proudly accomplish on entire in-house production from weaving Handloom, Pitloom productions, Inhouse printing to In-house finishing process (latexing, stretching and binding) and packaging process.

The company acquired total one lakh Sq. ft. area which is then systematically divided in 61000 Sq. ft. area as production unit and 39000 Sq. ft. area occupied in printing unit.

We have our own In-house Dry chamber in order to provide services to our customer to dry rugs during monsoon and extreme winter season to meet the deliveries. We have our own strong designing team who keeps on providing new designs according to trends and taste.

The quality of carpets are produced by our local experienced & creative craftsman, Durries production, shuttle weaving & latexing are the main features of our production unit. We take utmost care in maintaining the high quality of our products.