Social Responsibility

At Mabood International, we strive to positively impact the environment, society and the communities in which we operate. We promote responsible business practices at all levels of the supply chain. Every Mabood International’s product is made by individuals of legal employment age who are voluntarily employed, earn fair wages and work in a clean and safe environment. We treat our employees with fairness, dignity and respect and require that all contractors and vendors adhere to fair labor practices.

We promote, educate, support and provide healthcare in the families from where Mabood International products are made.


At least thrice in a year, we organise many types of sports and games like cricket, badminton, football, volleyball, running race, chess, kabaddi, etc. So that people living with us are physically & mentally fit. Getting indulged in physical activities improves our heart function, reduces the risks of diabetes, control blood sugar and lowers tension and stress levels. It also brings positive energy, discipline and other commendable qualities in our life.


We do care our earth; tree plantation is significant because it is linked to our basic need for good food to eat and clean air to breathe. Aside from these necessities, they preserve biodiversity, conserve water, preserve soil, and control climate, among other things.


This is our main important factor to our associates, health check-ups are designed not only to detect medical issues, but also to identify risk factors and illnesses before they start to cause problems. Health check-ups aim to not only help the person to prevent illnesses and its complications but also to make changes in the lifestyle for long-term healthy life.

We are very much aware about responsibility towards society and globally, whether directly or indirectly, we believe in doing small things with love and passion which boost feel good factor and among people with love who work with us making their life easier in this world.

An initiative in direction of improved education level and better society, we contribute and run Jointly a small school in our area where under privileged children who are eager to learn and come to study which holds the key to the progress of society or nation itself.

A step ahead in direction to serve people with love and compassion, we plan to have small Hospital where we can treat less privileged or people in need of emergency get their basic treatment and safe transportation to main hospitals.